For decades Jiu Jitsu students and teachers have reduced their growth in triangle development by talking about “the triangle” as though there is only one type of triangle. What they really mean by THE triangle is the FRONT triangle.

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Start with the head

People always talk about good posture when opening a closed guard. It’s important to actually define what good posture consists of. There are different postures you can use to open a closed guard, but the standard methods that work well in a wide array of situations almost always begin with FREEING YOUR HEAD.

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Assigning a function to each limb

When I coach I often assign a definitive function(s) to each of your limbs so that you know exactly what you ought to be doing with each in a given scenario. When you lack a clear sense of what each limb should be given at any moment it becomes very easy for Jiu Jitsu sparring to degenerate into a confused tangle of limbs fighting without purpose or direction.

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