Submission Grappling

Submission Grappling

Submission grappling (or Nogi) is a cross training of various grappling arts.  It uses elements of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo, sambo, Japanese jiu-jitsu, catch wrestling and Greco-Roman wrestling with the goal of controlling and eventually submitting your opponent.  

Because submission grappling is performed without a Gi or combat kimono, it is directly applicable to mixed martial arts training as well as any hand to hand combat situations.

The Renzo Gracie Approach to Submission Grappling

The tenants of our submission grappling programs come directly from the acclaimed martial arts mastermind, John Danaher.  It is a style that has been proven effective at the highest levels of competition in MMA and submission grappling.  The primary points are:

  • Control leading to submission

  • Attack with your whole body / defend your whole body

  • Attack any part of your opponent's body

  • Grappling without the Gi

Because there is no Gi to grab or hold, submission grappling can be faster and more explosive than Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with the Gi.  While physical attributes can be a plus, our system of submission grappling is built on technical knowledge and body control.  The use of those two elements will allow someone to (sometimes quite easily) overcome a larger more athletic opponent.