Gold medal front headlock/guillotine

Gold medal front headlock

I constantly push my students to excel in the use of front headlock/guillotine attacks. My reasoning is that it is always available, is highly effective and even when it fails, it elicits such a strong defensive reaction that it functions as a tremendous gateway into other great attacks. All of my students work hard at the skill, in particular Gordon Ryan. Mr Ryan was always devastating in the gym with his front headlock and guillotine attacks. Like all my students he even developed many of his own variations and tricks. Interestingly, Mr Ryan had a similar problem that several of my other students had - he was so successful in his main attacks to leg and back that he never got an opportunity to use his front headlock game outside the gym. Before ADCC I told him this was a good thing as few would be expecting any danger from that direction and the rules of ADCC heavily favor standing grappling/takedowns which increase the opportunity for front headlocks/guillotines even more. In the biggest match of his career so far - ADCC finals for the gold medal - he pulled out his unknown front headlock game during a standing wrestling exchange with the great Keenan Cornelius. Mr Cornelius used all his defensive skills, creating a wild series of rolling attacks, but Mr Ryan followed him through everything and finished mounted with a devastating strangle to take gold. It was an incredible example of the power of a hidden weapon, of systems based training to surpass high level resistance and of the immense tactical value of strong front headlock/Guillotine attacks. If you feel you want to increase your submission rate, invest time and study into the most readily available submission opportunity in the sport - the front headlock/guillotine. There is a reason so many great jiu jitsu athletes have made this move a centerpiece of their game - with study and training - so can you.