Leg locks in MMA

Leg locks

I am often asked in whether leg locks are effective MMA competition. My answer is always the same - ANY OF THE MAJOR TECHNIQUES OF THE VARIOUS COMBAT SPORTS CAN BE APPLIED SUCCESSFULLY IN MMA IF PERFORMED WELL AND AT THE APPROPRIATE OPPORTUNITY - AND THEY CAN ALL FAIL IF PERFORMED POORLY OR AT AN INAPPROPRIATE TIME. The quality of the APPLICATION is far more important than the choice off technique (within reason). Tonight, Emmanuel Vera, a very talented junior member of the squad, took his leg locking skills into the cage and won his fight in just thirty seconds via Achilles lock. Great to see him training hard and getting the reward of victory. I have always studied and taught jiu jitsu with the notion of application to a real fight in the background. It is great to see some elements of our work getting seen in the context of MMA. Fine work by Mr Vera who continues to impress with his work ethic and results.