Start strong to finish strong

Start Strong

In any session of Jiu Jitsu, whether in the gym or on the big stage, there are constant cycles of contact. Athletes will engage with each other, make physical contact and exchange various moves and tactics. In the vast majority of cases, neither athlete will be able to get a decisive finish and they will eventually break contact and then the whole cycle will begin anew, with CONTACT, EXCHANGE and BREAKING CONTACT. These cycles continue until either a decisive finish is achieved or time runs out. It is important to understand that this cycle always begins with contact - grip fighting and tactical positioning are keys here. YOU MUST ENTER AND MAKE CONTACT IN A WAY THAT CONFERS ADVANTAGE FOR YOURSELF AND NEGATES ANY ATTEMPT BY YOUR OPPONENT TO DO THE SAME. Don’t be naive and just walk forward into an ambush of grips, tactics and moves. The battle begins before you even grip up with your opponent. Your stance, motion and tactical positioning must correlate with what you want to. Then you must fight for grips, first DENYING THE GRIPS YOUR OPPONENT WANTS AND THEN ASSERTING THE GRIPS YOU WANT. Look as Garry Tonon approaches his opponent from top position how carefully he positions his feet and how he denies his opponent a working grip with his legs whilst holding a stance that maximize his options and minimizes those of his opponent. START THE BATTLE EARLY AND THE VICTORIES COME EASIER - START LATE AND THE DEFEATS COME QUICKER AND HARDER.