Stay composed - think it through

Stay composed

I always emphasize the idea of problem solving in Jiu Jitsu. The whole sport is essential a battle between your ability to create problems for your opponent whilst solving the problems he or she creates for you and do so a faster rate than they can so that ultimately you create a problem that they cannot solve in the time available. As with any act of problem solving - ANXIETY AND EMOTION DON’T HELP YOU GET TO SOLUTIONS, in fact they usually interfere with that. Jiu Jitsu requires that you do all your problem solving under great stress - no matter what the stress level - YOU MUST CONDITION YOURSELF TO MAINTAIN THE CALM DEMEANOR REQUIRED FOR PROBLEM SOLVING ACTIVITY. It starts in the gym. If you cannot recall what happened during sparring, if you can’t control your breathing, if you feel emotional during the sparring - these are all signs that a calmer physical and mental state is required. Getting there takes time and training. When someone has you in a tight strangle or joint lock it’s natural to feel anxiety, but I assure you that freaking out want get you out of trouble. Only a rational and effective plan of action will - and to arrive at that it helps to be calm enough to figure it out. Here, Ethan Crelinsten is in a scary looking situation with Georges St- Pierre attacking his legs, but his expression is the same as if he were reaching for a cup of tea. As much as Jiu Jitsu conditions the body to move and act in certain ways, it also must condition the mind to act and behave in certain ways if an athlete is to reach their potential