The dualities of jiu jitsu

Jiu Jitsu

Much of the essential nature of jiu jitsu is revealed by its many notable dualities. One of the most fundamental and important is that between offense and defense. It is critical that you become equally adept at both as inadequacies in one will make you incapable of revealing your strengths in the other. If i know my defense is weak I will always be unwilling to take the risks required for strong offense for fear of ending in a vulnerable position that I cannot defend. If my offense is weak I will hide behind my defense and never exhibit the ability to carry the fight to my opponent and take victory. It is your duty then, to approach the learning of every move from BOTH the viewpoint of offense and defense - THE MORE YOU LEARN ABOUT ONE, THE MORE YOU WILL UNDERSTAND ABOUT THE OTHER. Every move in jiu jitsu has two faces - offense and defense - if you see only one you are growing at only half your potential.